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WGSC is a group of Washington consumers from all walks of life who share one thing in common – a love of hospitality done the Washington way. We are your voice for smart Washington hospitality policy. 

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Washington State Spirits Privatization

Washington voters approved spirits privatization in November 2011. But it’s not what we thought it was. The measure’s unintended effects mean trouble for our pocketbooks. Skyrocketing taxes associated with the implementation of this policy have forced Washington consumers to pay more than four times the national average in distilled spirits taxes. We know that isn’t fair, and the outrageous prices are driving consumers and businesses out of Washington and across the state lines.

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  • blog 01March 11, 2013


    Welcome to the Good Spirits Blog, an ongoing conversation among consumers who love Washington’s unique brand of hospitality, and who don’t want to see our state harmed by unreasonable and excessive spirits taxes.

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